Traditional response media like direct mail are dying off.

False.  According to the most recent McCann Universal media study – reported on the front page of the New York Times – direct mail’s 2006 growth rate, estimated at 8% in 2006, exceeded that of TV and every other ad medium with the exception of the Internet. The Internet still grows at 25% per year, but on a smaller base of only $16 billion U.S. 2006 ad dollars. At current growth rates, Internet ad spending will not overtake direct mail for another 10 years.  In fact, the whole idea of a new medium replacing the old has been proven wrong in the case of the Internet and direct mail. Both are growing together -- and quite often – working together.


New data analysis technology is the key driver of response improvement.

False.  Few major direct marketers reported a return on investment on costly technology projects promising to deliver exotic things like “real-time segmentation,” “one-to-one marketing” or “campaign management tools.” Breakthroughs are much more likely to come from developing new propositions and messages to the customer. What remains essential to success is a reliable marketing database and effective use of segmentation relevant to your business category. Achieving this is a matter of good business strategy and executional discipline, not the brand of software you own.


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