There’s so much marketing clutter, it’s impossible to break through with something new.

False.  Think: if this were true, there would be no huge new consumer product breakthroughs, and no new brand entrants stealing share from traditional market leaders. Or, at least it would take many years for a new product or brand to take hold. What about the iPod?  What about NetFlix? What about JetBlue? What about BlackBerry? What about Red Bull? All have, in just a few years, become household names thanks to innovative marketing that’s relevant to customer needs.


Existing customers resent too many CRM contacts. You need to stop cross-selling so much.

False.  Just about every company that’s thoroughly researched this issue has found that consumer dissatisfaction with cross-selling and other CRM contacts has to do with their quality, not their quantity. In other words, how relevant and attractive is the offer, and is it delivered in a respectful way…or is it just another crummy telemarketing call that interrupts my dinner hour?


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