The days of mass marketing are over. Everything needs to be personalized and customized.

False.  As direct marketers, we recognize the value of targeting and personalization more than anyone.  But  mass marketing remains powerful – as demonstrated by the ever-increasing price of network TV time and the continuing success of big-box retailers. Even the success of Apple’s new MacBook can be considered a victory for mass marketing. Unlike competing notebooks, MacBooks can’t be custom-built, and there are just 4 MacBook models, compared with dozens from a Dell or HP.  Only testing will show whether customization – and how much of it – will serve your own marketing needs.


I can’t create innovative messaging.  I’m in a commodity category.

False.  Anyone can take their existing portfolio of products, services and features and build a marketing message that is both new and compelling to the customer. What are more commodity categories than airlines and credit cards? Yet who can deny that Jet Blue has created a unique and highly successful marketing proposition? Or, in the case of credit cards, please see our adjacent case history.


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