Customer Growth focuses on specific industries in which our partners have extensive experience and a track record of success, including:

  • B to B. Particular expertise in the integration of direct marketing with sales forces, from Soho to small, midsize and large enterprise markets.
  • Communications. Over 15 years experience, including British Telecom, MCI, the "Baby Bells," broadband Internet and digital TV providers.
  • Financial services. Extensive and broad-ranging experience in credit cards, retail banking and investment banking.
  • Healthcare. Specialized know-how in the areas of pharmaceuticals, HMO services and pharmacy retailing.
  • Publishing & Media. Subscription-based marketing expertise with both print and online products.
  • Technology. In-depth experience marketing hardware, software and services, including Dell, Lotus and over 10 years serving practically every division of IBM.
  • Travel and Transportation. Expertise in conceiving and managing direct marketing and frequency/loyalty programs, and promoting alternative methods of commuting.
  • Utilities. Pioneers in guiding energy marketers through the challenges in the emerging field of competitive utility choice.