Develop a spectrum of creative approaches. Starting with the polar opposites, we gradually work our way toward the middle, developing a full creative exploratory. Beginning with the continuum in place assures that creative teams are thinking with a “key issue” in mind. To guarantee a range of thinking we:

  • Build the Creative Brief around the principles of the Continuum
  • Assign at least 3 creative teams (Copywriter & Art Director) to each major campaign
  • Require teams to select, focus and defend their best concepts keeping the Continuum in mind

Put the Continuum at the center of the client concept presentation. Presenting the creative as a Continuum – in order from left to right on a table or shelf – focuses the discussion on key issues instead of personal likes/dislikes, and promotes collaboration between client and agency in selection of which concepts to carry through to final execution.

Go into research and live test with the Continuum still in mind. Customer Growth has also pioneered a creative research technique called the ADLOB (“Advertising-Like OBject), which is the ideal vehicle to expose a creative concept at a Focus Group or One-on-One interview.

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