Debbie Szydlo
Account Director

Having run the account management, production, traffic and employee training functions of an agency, you can say that Debbie knows how to keep an account running like a top – just like she does with her collection of mint condition vintage cars, including two stunning Nash Metropolitans, and one lean and mean Corvette.

While her automotive skills might be self-taught, Debbie learned her marketing from the masters, beginning at the Subway restaurants’ franchise sales department. She went on to sales promotion powerhouse, Glendinning Companies, where she worked in the retail promotion, sweeptakes/lotteries and production departments. Then, to Barry Blau & Partners, where she worked over 20 years, managing accounts including Aetna, Dreyfus, IBM, Lufthansa, TWA and UPS, and as the agency grew, launching the traffic and employee training departments.

Debbie joined Customer Growth in 2003.

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