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Why Negative Messages Fail

Debtors use Caller ID to avoid your outbound collections calls, and toss out your dunning letters unopened. Why? They already know they’re past-due and don’t want another stressful situation. Even when your outbound calls are answered, customers are likely to be unresponsive.

Customer Positive Offers
We reach selected debtors with good news about payment plans that can get them back on track. These positive offers drive high inbound phone response: often as high as 15-40%. Customers call because they want to resolve debt, so these inbound calls are twice as likely to result in a payment vs. an outbound collections call.

We’ve developed these communications based on 7 years of live testing experience, and hundreds of hours of focus group and one-on-one research.

Did You Know...
Most debtors seek an honorable way out
and will favor the credit that’s most proactive about offering them a solution.
Certain key words and phrases work like magic with debtors:
for example: “You have options.” “We’ll work with you.”
Penalty rates and fees have little deterrent effect
against late payment, and in fact, often push at-risk borrowers over the edge into delinquency.
Delinquent payers avoid plain white envelopes
they fear might contain dunning letters. Cheerful, colorful, promotional envelopes work much better.
Settlement offers pull the strongest response,
next highest are those promising an interest rate cut. Matching payment incentives tend to be the weakest.



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